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Guittard Chocolates – My New FAV!

WP_20150504_001I don’t know about you, but I am  very particular about what goes in my body. Like most people, chocolate is one of my biggest downfalls, but today I am excited to announce a new chocolate I found made by Guittard. It is made with just 4 ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, sunflower lecithin and real vanilla.

Why am I so excited about these chocolates? These chocolates do not contain dairy! But, “many of [Guittard’s]dark chocolates do not contain milk/dairy ingredients they are processed on the same lines as milk chocolate and may contain milk allergens”*, making this a no go for people on the L.I.D diet.  These delicious little morsels are also gluten-free AND peanut-free! Most importantly they are simple, decadent, and simply divine!

They melt beautifully, and their 65% extra dark chocolate makes it a healthy addition to any dessert, meal, or just because day!

Okay, on to the real nitty-gritty: While these chocolates are amazing, they are $4.50 a bag! In comparison to other brands of chocolate, this price is very high. I had to ask myself if the price was worth it. The answer is absolutely! I actually found myself using less because they are so rich. I also snacked on them less, because my sweet tooth was satisfied with fewer. In the long run, my one bag lasted twice a long as the competitors brands. Would I buy them again? Absolutely!

You can find these delicious little bits in chip or bar form at your local World Market. Don’t have a World Market near you? Check out their other locations.


*Per a Regulatory & Culinary Specialist @ Guittard.


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