{Tip} Quick & Easy Tinted Frosting

b4u_tintedFor some frosting makes the cake. Why not make it easy?

Quick & Easy Tinted Frosting

1 tub of your favorite frosting – Pillsbury and Betty Crocker is gluten-free. Try our Semi-Homemade Frosting recipe to helps remove the artificial taste of store bought frosting
Tubes of your favorite gel “frosting” – We used Disney’s Sparkle Gels
Sm. bowl

Place a couple of spoonfuls of frosting into a small bowl. Squeeze a quarter of the tube into the frosting. Stir until the color is fully incorporated. Add another squeeze to darken your color.

Ta-da! Tinted Frosting ready to use!  Remember, left over frosting can be frozen in a small tub to be used at a later date.

{TIP} The colder the frosting, the easier it will be pipe or swipe on cupcakes!

b4u_tinted frosting



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