{Tip} Semi-Homemade Greek Yogurt


We love Greek Yogurt, but I cannot always afford it, so we make it.

Here’s how:

1  32oz  Mountain High Yogurt – Any large container of plain/Vanilla Yogurt will work. Yoplait and Mountain High are gluten-free.
Large Fine mesh strainer
2 paper towel squares
Seran Wrap


In a medium to large bowel place the large fine mesh strainer over the lip of the bowel. Line the strainer with the paper towels and pour the yogurt into the strainer.  Cover the whole thing with Seran wrap and place in the fridge overnight.   Keep the empty yogurt container. Wash it and set it aside.

This will allow the whey to drain out of the yogurt, leaving behind a thick, creamy “greek” yogurt.

In the morning, gentle lift the paper towel/yogurt combo and gently squeeze the yogurt, removing the last bit of whey. This should only take a few seconds.  Once you are done, lift the paper towel/yogurt off the strainer and place the yogurt into an air tight container – the empty yogurt container works perfect for this!  The yogurt will last for up to a week.

Sweeten with honey, use  in lieu of sour cream, or eat it as is!

Makes approx. 3 – 3 1/2 cups



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