{Tip} How to freeze cupcakes

Last year school became difficult for my gluten-free girl, especially with all the birthday parties. So, I took to freezing cupcakes so I could keep some on hand when they need arose, and some at the school for party days that I didn’t know about.  How do I free them with the “frost bite” taste?  Here’s how:

Place the cupcakes in an air tight container, and secure a piece of saran wrap over the top.  Cover the saran wrap with a piece of aluminum foil and secure the lid.   If you do not have lid for your tupperware, which I normally don’t, use a larger than necessary piece of foil to cover the saran wrap and press the foil down and under the lip of the tupperware. Place them in your freezer until you need them.
They will stay “fresh” for approx. 3-6 months.

To defrost them, remove them from the freezer and defrost them in the fridge (approx. 1-3 hours depending on the density of the cupcake).

Yes, you can freeze them with frosting on, or frost them when it first comes out of the freezer and thaw the cupcake in the fridge.

For a quick treat, place a frozen cupcake in your lunch bag! It will be ready to eat by lunch time!


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