{Tip} How do you know if an egg is bad?

Nothing is worse than cracking an egg into a batter, or a dish, and having it be bad.  If you are unsure if your eggs are still good, apply this simple test:

First fill a clean sink – I wipe mine out with a soapy rag and rinse, a third of the way full with water.  Place the eggs into the water and watch what happens.

* If the egg floats to the top:  Toss it, it’s bad!  The turning of the egg causes a gas build up inside the shell; as a result, the egg floats.

* If the egg stands on end:  Use it within immediately. The egg is starting to turn. It is still good for baking, as the heat from the oven will kill the bacteria; but, I would not recommend poaching or scrambling it.

* If the egg stays on the bottom:  You’re golden!  Your egg will be good for another week or so.  

Once you know, replace the good eggs back into the fridge and trash the bad. You can repeat this test as often as you need.


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