Natural Remedies


My daughter  has been very sick and I was reminded that a lot of meds are not helpful to her diet. So, I went back to the things that use when I am sick, herbs and essential oils. Ginger and Licorice Root tea for coughs and mucus. Thyme (antiviral/antibacterial), Peppermint (to reduce sinus inflammation), Rosemary and Eucalyptus (to help sooth throat and coughs) oils in a diffuser. I can go on, but the most importantly thing is they are natural and gluten-free.

I am not saying all meds have gluten in them, they don’t. We still use over-the-counter meds and antibiotics, but we prefer to try it naturally first.

There are TONS of natural, homeopathic medicines available now at local stores and natural stores. We use these a lot too in conjunction with teas and oils. Sometimes even with over-the-counter meds.

What do you use that works for you?


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